We are now set up for those of you who wish to volunteer at our 27th Annual Music Festival. Please go to the following site to self-register: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/60B0945ABA722ABFA7-festival 
The task descriptions for 'Door Monitor', 'Secretary', and 'Lunch Prep' are listed below.  


1.     Greet people entering venue.

2.     Check off participant’s name in your copy of the program.

3.     Invite participants and other attendees to relax quietly while they wait for the secretary to announce their class number.

4.     Ensure no one enters or leaves the venue during a performance or adjudication. Attendees may enter in-between performances.

5.     Occasionally check bathrooms to see if toilet tissue or paper towel needs to be replenished.

6.     Help clean up venue in preparation for the next session.

7.     If you are unable to answer any questions asked of you, please direct any individuals who need help to the festival chairperson.

You will find in your information report cover: 1) Code of Conduct; 2) Program to check off names.

If you need any assistance, please contact festival chairperson, Dori Whyte at 780-238-4662.

Thank you for your support of the Parkland Music Festival! Without your time and effort, we could not provide a quality music festival for our participants. THANK YOU!


1.    Ensure the correct certificates are ready for the upcoming set of classes. These are found in the Adjudicator Folder. Have adjudicator sign if they have not already done so.

2.     Ensure adjudication comment sheets and ‘marks’ pages are in the correct order for the upcoming set of classes.

3.     Announce names AND numbers of the next set of classes to those waiting outside the room for classes. Lead them inside.

4.     Collect all music from participants at the beginning of the set of classes.

5.     After the participants have entered the venue, welcome the audience and performers and announce the name and number of the set of classes once again. 

        Refer to script provided.

6.     Remind audience to remain quiet and to TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES and that flash photography is not allowed. 

        Ask that a student be video-recorded only by their parent or guardian. 

        Ask that video recording of the adjudications or other student’s performance not be done.

7.     Remind audience that they should remain until the end of the session.

8.     Introduce the adjudicator using the short bio provided.

9.     Lead applause after adjudicator introduction and after all performances.

10.   Call up the first performer - both first and last name, and announce the piece(s) being performed. 

        Call up each successive performer in order as soon as the adjudicator is ready (make sure adjudicator is not distracted from writing comments). 

        Please stand and face the audience so that you may be better heard.

11.   Ensure adjudicator has correct music and comment sheets for each performer.

12.   Return participant’s music and include completed comment sheet and signed certificate following their adjudication (or at end of class(es)).

13.   After final adjudication, INVITE ATTENDEES TO THE GALA CONCERT to be held on Sunday evening at Hope Church, starting at 7 pm. 

        Inform audience that any scholarships will be awarded at the Gala concert.

14.   Invite attendees to stay.

15.   THANK THE PERFORMERS, AUDIENCE, AND ADJUDICATOR. Lead applause and dismissal to foyer.

16.   Help clean up venue in preparation for the next set of classes.

17.   Start again at top for next set of classes.

18. *In the case of a recital class, confirm with the adjudicator whether they want time to write comments in between pieces or if they prefer for the participant to perform all of their

        pieces without stopping. Inform the class of the procedure chosen by the adjudicator.

19.   If you are unable to answer any questions asked of you, please direct any individuals who need help to your Venue Host. The Door Monitors have that information.

NOTE: You have 2 different schedules: one that matches the adjudicator’s schedule and sets the actual time of each class; the other is the program that everyone else has, with times brought back to the nearest half hour - to ensure an audience for those small classes. That is why one time period in the program could have multiple classes that are actually at different times.

Thank you for your support of the Parkland Music Festival! Without your time and effort, we could not provide a quality music festival for our participants. THANK YOU!


        Lunch Prep Duties

You will need a vehicle as this ‘job’ requires you to drive to a Freson Bros Food Market in Stony Plain to pick up food for the adjudicator(s), PMF committee, and volunteers who said they will be there for lunch.

So in order of task:

1.     drive to Freson Bros Food Market in Stony Plain to pick up the 'catered lunch' from the deli (South end of store); 

        ask for the catered lunch to be picked up for 'Dori';

2.     bring food to venue you signed up for;

3.     lay out the food;

4.     make sure coffee, tea, water are made available - the Koenig coffee maker needs to be checked for water;

5.     set out plates, cutlery, cups, etc.;

6.     please have lunch with us;

7.     clean up after everyone has eaten.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you so much for your help.

Dori Whyte

Festival Chairperson


780 238-4662